Confessions of a Humanitarian Pioneer

Over the past fifty years, humanitarian donations have grown to eleven billion dollars, turning Non Governmental Organizations into key geopolitical actors. But do the messages they send us through their glossy advertising really represent the full truth? Going back fifty years in time using his diaries filled with paintings, drawings, photos and documents, we will follow the footsteps of Dr Pascal Grellety Bosviel, one of the thirteen founders of Doctors Without Borders, an NGO that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, and undertake a journey that covers half a century of humanitarian missions and finally brings us to the contemporary war fronts. This film will discover the humanitarian paradox: how the dream to “humanize war” has given birth to so-called «humanitarian wars», conducted in the name of good and democracy but killing thousands.

Producer / Production Details
M WAY Films
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2011