Jacques Schmitz
Jacques Schmitz


The urge to gaze at other people seems to be deeply rooted in us all. Modern tourism takes this innate voyeurism to the next level. The most remote and vulnerable places constantly expand their range of offers, providing more and more absurd attractions: from an ex-Soviet prison in Eastern Europe, into the dangerous mines of South America to “living museums” in South East Asia. COMPASS is an observational filmic triptych looking behind the scenes of holiday selfies. Told from the perspective of the local people, this documentary shines a light on human behaviour, oscillating between honest human curiosity and pure voyeurism.

Team Partner
Chris Poulles, writer/director
Producer / Production Details
Amour Fou, Luxembourg
Bady Minck, producer
Elisa Hengen, production manager

Training Programme
Masterschool 2021