Audun Amundsen
Audun Amundsen

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After living as a hunter-gatherer for years deep in the jungle of Indonesia, Audun Amundsen returns to Norway. He is broke, and Western lifestyle takes him to the verge of mental breakdown. One day a friend recommends him to take advice from an online influencer. It gives him hope that the internet can solve his problems. But after spending thousands of dollars on internet courses and events he is still stuck. In his last attempt to make it, he spends all his savings on one final course. He is promised that his investment will be 10x'ed if only he follows the blueprint.

CLICK THE LINK BELOW exposes one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. Who are those coaches, online hustlers and sellers popping up in your social media? In his pursuit for answers, wealth and happiness, Amundsen encounters people with broken dreams and insane success. Is it possible to succeed, or is it all just a play to the gallery?

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Producer / Production Details
GonzoDocs, Norway
Training Programme
Masterschool 2021