Tom Ehrhardt
Tom Ehrhardt

The Forgotten Treasure

Try to name a single painter from East Germany. Don’t feel bad, if you can’t. It’s normal. But why is that? Is it true what some West German artists and gallerists like to proclaim: there can’t be and so there was no art under communist rule? Is it true what some East German artists complain about: there is a political agenda to extinguish everything that was defeated at the end of the Cold War? Or was this simply a tragically missed opportunity? Discover with us the incredibly personal collection of East German art of Brazilian diplomat Francisco Chagas Freitas, meet the painters and hear the puzzling story of why East German art never made it into the world.

Team Partner
Corinna Volkmann
Producer / Production Details
Con Men in coproduction with Reynard Films
Top Awards/Festivals
MDR (2020)
Le FIFA - Le Festival International du Film sur l'Art (2020)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2017