Calling All Aliens

Are we alone? This is a question probably as old as humankind. Not only has it been the subject of philosophical disputes, but there is even a scientific discipline that is looking to answer that question: SETI - "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence".

From Europe to the United States, from South Africa to Russia, physicists, biologists and believers build giant radiotelescopes that are able to receive extraterrestrial signals. Christian Schidlowski's two-part documentary takes us to the labs of the most perculiar science in the world.

Team Partner
Peter Bardehle, producer
Producer / Production Details
VIDICOM in co-production with Speigel TV and Corona Films for ARTE/ZDF, VOX, Channel 5 Russia, SBS TV Australian, NRK Norway, Canal Plus Poland
Supported by MEDIA
Top Awards/Festivals
Vedere la Scienza Festival

Broadcast on ARTE (12/19 November, 2007) and National Geographic Channel (2 November, 2008)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2005