Serban Georgescu
Serban Georgescu

Cabbage, Potatoes and Other Demons

Lunguletu is a village, 25 kilometers away from the Romanian capital city, with a record well worth of Guinness Book of Records. It is a community of 5000 people and some 1000 tractors as each family has at least one. Cultivating an area of 3000 hectares, the 2000 households harvest an annual 10% of Romania's cabbage and 5% of its potato production.

The film follows the story of five villagers in Lunguletu for one year, attempting to understand why these apparently prosperous peasants live in debt. It is essentially a film about people's inability to break out of a vicious circle, presented on a specifically Romanian note of laughing your way out of troubles, and seen through the eyes of a subjective narrator - the director himself.

Team Partner
Oana Muntean, producer
Producer / Production Details
Kolectiv Romania in co-production with, Nukleus Film, Elefant Films for ARD/MDR
Training Programme
Masterschool 2013