Bush Wars

This 6-part series follows Giuseppe, an Italian biologist and filmmaker, through Kenya on his adventures as a peacekeeper in the war between people and Africa's most dangerous animals - lions, rhinos, elephants and more. He helps Masai herders and local farmers protect their properties and lives from hungry creatures with the use of innovative and unconventional approaches, like building chilli pepper fences and elephant dung bombs. As the last resort, he may even capture and pack these oversized dangerous beasts to ship them off to a new home. Through state-of-the-art cinematography and his hand-held camera, this series draws us into the heart of the action for a breathtaking and visceral experience.

Team Partner
Vardan Hovhannisyan, producer
Inna Sahakyan, producer
Producer / Production Details
Bars Media in co-production with FL Concepts and Co.
Training Programme
Masterschool 2012