Bettina Renner
Bettina Renner

Bury My Heart in Dresden

A Catholic cemetery in Dresden, Germany. In the middle of a meadow, a small grave. And at the foot of the gray and weathered gravestone, waving in the wind, a small American flag. The inscription chiseled into the old stone reveals who was laid to his final rest here in 1914: The Native American Edward Two-Two, a Sioux chief.

How did a Sioux Indian end up in a place like Dresden so long ago? And why was he buried there at his own request, so far from his native lands and contrary to all Indian traditions?

The film tries to find answers by traces the extraordinary life story of the Indian chief Edward Two-Two at Pine Ridge Reservat in South Dakota.

Producer / Production Details in co-production with MDR, in cooperation with ARTE
Supported by MEDIA, MDM, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Distributed by Deckert Distribution
Top Awards/Festivals
Award for Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking

DOK Leipzig (2012)
Tage des Ethnologischen Films Munich (2012)
DOXA IDF Vancouver (2013)
LA Skins FF Los Angeles (2013)

Broadcast on ARTE (14 October, 2012)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2009