People call us bullies, but that’s really fucked up! Kyu-bin Lee, aged 16, was "Jjang", the most notorious one at middle school. Then, he became a member of "Iljin" or a school gang, and expelled from the school. Che-hyeon Lim, aged 16, he lives with his grandma alone. One day after drinking with his friends, he was about to throw the bottle of soju at his teacher with anger. "Of course, I was transferred to another school right after." This is a story of expellers in an alternative boarding school, a boot camp depicting their pains and suffering behind their aggression and hostilities as real as possible. When we finish filming this guys at Chungmu School during 17-weeks reformation course, This time, there are dreadful looking girls worse than the boys…

Producer / Production Details
Bong-Nam Park / Media Log / South Korea
Korea, South
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2012