Eva Fontanals   & Chiara Avesani
Eva Fontanals & Chiara Avesani
producer, director


One would think that no one wishes to return to a city devastated by war, but home is where you feel you belong. Ghadeer, a young journalist from Mosul, who fled to Europe during the IS occupation, decides to return to Iraq. He renounces a potential new future in Europe in order to invest in the social and cultural reconstruction of his own country instead. His goal is to set up an independent radio station to send out messages of social cohesion and the rejection of violence. On air, Ghadeer voices the need for love, tolerance and respect to ensure a thriving city.

Together with his team, he will face countless problems in an attempt to figure out how to rebuild a city both physically and socially from what is left of a postwar country and to develop strategies in order to make the broadcast economically sustainable. Will Radio OneFM bring Mosul back to life, or will the project vanish among the rubble?

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