Sorin Manu
Sorin Manu

Boundless Love

A new social structure is rapidly growing all around the world. Its unconventional form is the outcome of a basic combination: love and honesty. Thousands of men and women choose to have more than one partner at a time with the consent and knowledge of everyone involved and call their type of romantic arrangement Polyamory.

Nick’s four parents deal with important decisions about their three children that they are raising in Los Angeles. A Swiss actor in his 60s divides his personal time between his three girlfriends. A happily married British woman brings her new boyfriend to move in. They go through jealousy, frustrations and doubts like the rest of us but what they want is the freedom to be honest.

Team Partner
Stanca Radu, director
Producer / Production Details
Evolution Film Productions
Training Programme
Masterschool 2014