Borneo Punk Rock

Joe Kidd, the granddaddy of Malaysian Punk Rock and his band Carburetor Dung arrive in Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur and make the 2 hour trip to Keningau. At the riverside venue, kids are already flocked there to greet the them. At the entrance a 20-something guy in dreadlocks is manning a table laden with self-published zines, personalized band t-shirts, CDs, cassettes and metal studs. The venue has been borrowed the equipment, held together by masking tape plastered by a different breed of Punk Rockers. There is no 7-Eleven’s here, no big departmental store with endless isles of products, here they live with what they have and if they don’t have it they do it Punk Rocker style. The DIY culture isn’t just an ethos but a life philosophy.

Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2013