Christoph Weber
Christoph Weber

Black Starlets

The Black Starlets are a legend in world football: 1991, totally out of the blue, eleven 16-year-olds from Ghana won the Junior World Cup. It was the first time ever that a team from the African continent won a world football championship title.

14 years later - what has become of the Black Starlets? Director Christoph Weber travels through Europe and Africa searching for the former wonder players. He finds incredible biographies and human fates that normally remain invisible behind the glittery curtain of professional football.

Black Starlets is a story about great dreams and greedy machinations, high hopes and shattered illusions, deep loneliness and the insatiable desire for Africa. Most of all, the film is about people who have the indomitable spirit to rise again and again. The Africans say, "If you lose a dream, create a new one."

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Team Partner
Bernd Wilting, producer
Producer / Production Details
Taglicht Media in co-production with Pale Blue Production, WDR/ARTE
Supported by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), RTR, Fund Austria, MEDIA
Distributed by Albatross World Sales
Top Awards/Festivals
Recipient of Certificate for Creative Excellence at International Film and Video Festival (2006)
Hors Concours Prize at BANFF World Television Festival (2006)
Bronze World Medal at New York Festival (2007)

Guirland d'Honneur Sport Movies and TV (2006)
Milan International FICTS Festival (2006)

Broadcast on ARTE (18 May, 2006)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2003