Philipp  Dinkel
Philipp Dinkel

Big Game - kill them to save them

What would you say when we tell you that the old white men from around the globe that are killing elephants or lions in Africa for pleasure aren’t the selfish monsters you consider them to be, but actually are true wildlife preservers? There are huge reservations regarding trophy hunting. But why? Is it just an emotional matter? A romantic view of nature from a nature deprived, civilized western world? Is trophy hunting a win, win situation for hunters, rural population, states and also animals as officials proclaim? Is it really a good idea considering our colonial past to tell African countries how they should farm their habitat? In our film we are going to find out if trophy hunting is truly one of the best means of wildlife protection. We are talking with people in African countries suffering from animal attacks, government executives, trophy hunters, wildlife experts, rangers, poachers and ivory dealers, veterinarians and animal rights activists to find out where the truth lies.

Team Partner
Mark Baumann, director
Producer / Production Details
DIN Film, Germany
Training Programme
Masterschool 2021