Mareike Schomerus
Mareike Schomerus

Beneath the Surface

A man's quest for justice. A country's pursuit of world domination. One world and the human cost of living in it.

The story takes us from the late 1990s, the height of Sudan's civil war, to today. Sudan's oil reserves were at the heart of this conflict. Civilians became a bargaining tool, caught between a hostile government, a Western oil company and China, a country ready to impose its values on the global political and economic sphere.

In 2007, one man is determined to get justice. He sets out to prove what the long-term damage is to humans who stand in the way of exploitation, using original footage from the 1990s showing the devastation. To establish the context of this horror, the film also investigates how the history of Chinese-Sudanese relations has shifted international political alliances.

The film ties the loose ends together in a documentary that is chilling yet encouraging.

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True Stories
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Masterschool 2007