Damned Beef

While more beef is exported from Indian harbors and the internal meat consumption is soaring, the slaughter of the holy animal has become a political hot potato that has recently cost human lives. The unprecedented rise of the Hindu nationalist party has empowered cow protection brigades that do not shun brutality in order to fulfi ll their mission. Those who butcher and trade in meat or just enjoy the taste of a steak need to fi nd ways to confront and sometimes survive the growing threat. Damned Beef will dig into this ongoing confl ict by portraying those aff ected by it – cow protecting activists, untouchable butchers attacked by them, a legendary steak haven for beef graving Indians, and the retired academic living under death threats after writing a book claiming Hindus ate beef in vedic times.

Team Partner
Alexandra Boehm

Training Programme
Masterschool 2016