Dennis Wells
Dennis Wells


The late 1970s in Europe: Terrorism is at its peak. Palestinian suicide squads and various European left-wing terrorist groups, among them the German RAF, hit with a scaring frequency. But Europe's governments fight back. They establish a tenet that is still valid today. We do not negotiate with terrorists. Really?

The film sheds light on the secret diplomacy of the 70s and 80s. Newly discovered documents, like the so-called Wischnewski Protocol, reveal that behind closed doors the PLO offered Germany's and Austria's governments a spectacular deal: the end of terror in exchange for political recognition.

Did the European Nations enter that deal? And at what price? The film is a political documentary thriller about secret consultations, political murder, revenge and treason. But also about true friendship, trust and the everlasting dream of peace between the Israeli and the Palestinian people – subjects that have lost nothing of its currency or relevance today.

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Winfried Oelsner, director
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Taglicht Media
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Masterschool 2013