At the Wind's Mercy

This film is an existential journey in search of the self, through places and strangers' encounters, through the revisiting of relationships with friends and family, and through the director's attempt at reassessing his relationship to filmmaking and traveling. A quest for the significance of identity, for the sense of belonging, in an attempt to deal with an existential crisis, the film takes us on two voyages. The first one is the director’s decision to revisit and question all orthodoxies and givens in his life by rediscovering his inner circles of friends, work colleagues, profession as an editor, and his relationship with his wife and parents in search for answers concerning stability, existence and love. Simultaneously, the other expedition takes place, in which the director, equipped with his handbag and camera, decides for the first time in his life to break free from his closed world and go on a journey along the Nile starting in the south from the ancient Nubba all the way to the Nile's influx in the Mediterranean in the north. According to ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends, the same journey took place before, by Isis along the Nile Bank in a quest to find Osiris' scattered remains. This film is Hisham taking a journey to gather his own remains once scattered by isolation.

Producer / Production Details
Hassala Films
Training Programme
The MENA Programme 2013