Benjamin Rost
Benjamin Rost

#arraga- Those Who Burn

Imad, Oussama and Said were all brought to the border of Melilla by their mothers. They were supposed to flee to Europe by boat and become the future breadwinners of their respective families. But reality turned out to be a lot different. Imad, Oussama and Said have been stranded at this transit terminal for years: it’s a one- way road.

They can ́t make it to Europe because of the border patrols. On the other hand they can‘t go back to their families without losing their dignity. To escape the undue pressure of responsibility they have created fake identities on YouTube. Imad Hunter, Oussama the Kingpin and S.a.i.D. portray themselves as heroes on the internet. They sing and rap while making film tutorials on how to reach a boat to Europe. They show themselves risking their lives every day. No one was interested for years. But suddenly they became stars of the internet.
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Team Partner
Mark Szilagyi
Producer / Production Details
Mark Szilagyi, Seloua El Gouni
Training Programme
Masterschool 2019