Around The World in 80 Orgasms

This is the story of the most complex and misunderstood human behaviour of them all – the female orgasm. This film takes us on a journey around the world talking to women from Norway to Nigeria about their experiences. Interwoven with stories from modern science and our distant past we discover why scientific truths are far from constant, and how your culture controls not only your mind, but your body too. Ultimately we learn why the female orgasm really matters. Join us on this epic adventure, the first cross cultural research about the female orgasm – ever. With great stories, great characters, archive and visuals woven together, this is the science, history and culture of the female orgasm, to surprise, shock and enighten both sexes. This journey will change the way you think about the orgasm.

Producer / Production Details
Emma George and Andrew Brown / DeFacto Films / UK

Antje Boehmert / DocDays / Germany and Fabrice Estève / Yuzu Productions / France
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2011