Andrius Lekavicius
Andrius Lekavicius

Armor, Rust and Power

Over the past twenty years (with the growth of the internet) World War II tanks and war memorabilia collecting has become a global phenomenon and a way of life for many people.

The film follows the journey of WWII tank with the introduction of four characters: from eccentric millionaire collectors and slick traders to handy mechanics and abandoned war treasure hunters. The scenery from restored tanks parked at luxurious country villas to “tank-hunters” quests in South America’s jungles or post-Soviet marshes.

Enthusiastic collectors have traveled the world tracking down items to add to their collection, flying into remote airfields, following up unlikely leads, throwing themselves into hair-raising adventures in the pursuit of historic objects. Though the rich collectors are at the top of the mountain, the film will show the industry of collecting tanks. At the bottom of it, the dedicated teams of salvagers who scour marsh, forest, and jungles to find the forgotten reminders of WWII.

Producer / Production Details
Cinema Cartel, Lithuania
Training Programme
Masterschool 2021