Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith

Trojan Bear

The European Brown Bear roams through the lives of three men in Europe, and their remarkable stories speak to what it means to be wild, and what it means to be a man.

The reintroduction of bears into the Pyrenees from Slovenia is a rewilding experiment that has changed the lives of the people in this region. The shepherd Père spends 5 months of the year alone on a Catalan mountain, surrounded by his dogs and sheep, and recently also by bears: through his eyes, we witness the death, birth and fate of these animals. Lukaz the Slovenian hunter is conflicted: he hates killing bears but he must make it happen every year. François is an animal trainer near Paris: he has two bears, one very professional and cold, the other emotional and unpredictable. François is a philosophical man and has an unusual perspective on the tension of being potential prey.

Fear, loneliness, violence and dominance lurk throughout these stories, provoking questions about where our ideas of wilderness and masculinity are now.

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