A Possible Memory

Salma has recently moved to her new flat in a recently gentrified area of Beirut, while having coffee in one of her lonely mornings, she gets a letter. The letter is 30 years late, signed by a Palestinian revolutionary organization, addressed to a printshop, the letter ends with the slogan „Revolution until victory“. This letter pushes Salma to wonder about the sender, discovering memories and stories of different places in Beirut, memory of people who were once here, a history of a city in a period that holds many stories and dreams of change.Through funny and irrational discussions between the filmmakers, the film discuss the ability to connect several stories about what could be the possible memory of a certain place or event, in an attempt to reconnect history with space, stories that are not connected except of the filmmakers well to make one continuous and coherent story.

Mohanad Yaqubi, Director/Producer
Rami Nihawi, Director/Producer

Training Programme
The MENA Programme 2012