Chi Thai
Chi Thai

Raising Hell - The PJ Proby Story

In 1964 The Beatles introduced the world to PJ Proby, the singer, who would go on to have 20 top hits and looked like he would become the 1960s biggest and baddest international recording star. “I’m going to fight all your men, fuck all your women, steal all your money and sail off into the wide blue yonder” he told English press reporters. His powerful performance and ability to sing like any artist he chose made him unique. However making a name for himself as the “wild man of music” and with a back story from Texas to Hollywood, this one time friend of Elvis Presley would decades later find himself a penniless alcoholic living in a roofless barn. Hounded by the press, through broken marriages, numerous failed comebacks and even cardiac arrests his spirit nevertheless remains unbent and he continues to tour even today. “Hell! I’m the luckiest son of a bitch to have lived!” But who is the real man behind the performing mask.

Team Partner
Julia Stovell, director

United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2016