Alexander Schiebel
Alexander Schiebel
Director & Writer

Doing Good Better

Alexander and Hanae buy Christmas gifts for their children. They guess that there are many other people in the world, who need the money they spend more urgently. Alexander tells Hanae about Effective Altruism, a social movement spreading rapidly throughout the world. Effective Altruists try to achieve as much good as possible in their lives. For this reason Effective Altruists evaluate the output of development projects by scientific means. Alexander, Hanae and the children set off on a journey which leads them to Peter Singer, from whose ideas the movement once arose, and to a family that is already living these ideas. Together with their new friends, they visit the most effective aid projects around the world and discover that sometimes more happiness comes from giving than from receiving!

Team Partner
Muriel Schulte
Training Programme
Masterschool 2017