Hye-Ryoung  Park
Hye-Ryoung Park

108 Plates

Celebrity chef Jiho Im, better known as the “Wandering Chef” travels from one end of the Korean peninsula to the other, in search of natural ingredients with medicinal properties. He journeys through diff erent landscapes, meeting diverse people, and feeding a multitude of communities. All of his sources come from mother nature itself, who was his nurturer due to his unusual upbringing. He grew up sleeping on her soil using leaves as his blanket and eating herbs for survival. But the pain of having had no one to call ‘Mother’ was a trauma he carried for years. Until one day, he meets someone very special on the road that leads to the most important cooking of his lifetime – 108 plates.

Team Partner
Jin Jeon, producer
Korea, South
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2016