Find Your Audience – The Online Pitching Experiment

Documentary Campus invites you to join the second edition of “The Online Pitching Experiment 2019”.

On 8-10 October 2019, three exciting new projects which are currently in development at the Documentary Campus Masterschool will reach out with their topics to the general audience. After releasing an online pitch video they will be available for separate “Ask Me Anything” sessions.

In today’s media world, building an audience is crucial. Even though people are watching more content than ever before, competition for attention is fierce. Knowing what resonates with your target audience, establishing a conversation with people who can act as amplifiers for your message and to initiate the building of an audience way before you release your film – these are all essential tools for filmmakers today.

In the Online Pitching Experiment, Documentary Campus is striving to do just that – explore new ways of engaging the audience with the film, the topic and the filmmakers at an early stage of the project. Thus, we offer the public a unique look behind the scenes and a direct contact to the creators and producers during the development stage of the films. The “Ask Me Anything”-sessions (AMA) take place online, on the Reddit platform, and are open to everyone.

The Timeline:

Tuesday, 8 October 2019
AMA session at 10pm CEST
HAIR REBELS by Ilja Willems

Wednesday, 9 October 2019
Release of second pitch trailer followed by the AMA session at 3pm CEST
BLACK SKIN - WHITE GAZE by Stefanie Daubek

Thursday, 10 October 2019
Release of third pitch trailer followed by the AMA session at 7pm CEST

Trailers will be released on our exclusive YouTube channel “Masterschool Pitch”

The daily “Ask Me Anything”-sessions (AMA) take place on

Our Goal:

In our first edition we managed to reach over 10.000 people. We are hoping to build on this for our second edition. To that effect we have revamped the experiment, streamlined the content and the presentation, striving to encourage an even higher level of interaction. What we are hoping to gain with this experiment is an understanding of what potential audiences think about the projects and any related matters they touch. We look forward to gaining valuable contacts, exploring new aspects to be incorporated in the projects as they unfold – or even a proof of concept and of interest into the topics.

Please keep your eyes peeled! Documentary Campus will update you here with details about the projects and video content as the “Ask me Anything”- sessions near.