Freedom Fields world premiere at TIFF 2018

We’re delighted to announce that British-Libyan filmmaker Naziha Arebi’s world premiere of Freedom Fields at #TIFF18 was sold out and got standing ovation! The film was developed at The MENA Programme 2013. If you're in Toronto you can catch it on Sunday 16 September at 13:00 (GMT-4). Get behind this captivating love letter to a place, resilience, sisterhood and the power of team.

The ability to watch time unfold — to see its impact on both subjects and filmmaker — can be one of the greatest rewards in non-fiction filmmaking. As the protagonists on screen mature, morph, change, and grow, so does the point of view of the director. In the case of British/Libyan filmmaker and photographer Naziha Arebi and her TIFF-premiering documentary Freedom Fields, the moments captured over five years demonstrate how a modern, forward-looking woman, one devoted to family, education and profession, navigates a society in which women are directed to remain mute, defenseless and powerless.

Twitter Link: Kiva Reardon Arebi brings a keen eye to the documentary, capturing the beauty of streetlife and the women's games with stunning cinematography. Whether you're a fan of soccer or not, Arebi draws the viewer into a world where (as the women chant before they play) "determination, will, strength" are words to live by.

Twitter Link: Elhum Shakerifar The team’s spirit is nothing short of inspirational. Filmed in the years since Libya’s 2011 revolution, British Libyan Arebi’s beautiful, self-shot debut is a captivating tribute to a young generation trying to build the future they want, all the way down to hand-cutting the grass of their future training pitch to ensure that no matter what, they will play.