Chris Humphrey, Director of Production, A+E NETWORKS ASIA (Singapore) becomes new Head of Studies of Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders, a joint training program by Documentary Campus and the European Documentary Network, appoints Chris Humphrey, Director of Production, A+E NETWORKS ASIA (Singapore), as new Head of Studies for Crossing Borders

Steven Seidenberg, Head of International Coproduction, LIC (China) to end his 7-year tenure as Head of Studies for Crossing Borders in February 2018

The Executive Board of Documentary Campus, a European initiative that provides advanced training to documentary filmmakers across the world, and the European Documentary Network (EDN), a global network for professionals working with documentary film and TV, are delighted to announce Chris Humphrey as new Head of Studies for Crossing Borders from 2018 onwards.

Crossing Borders was launched in 2010 and is a program for media professionals in Europe and Asia looking to access the international non-fiction market. The program has so far taken place in China (2010), Malaysia (2011, 2013 & 2017), Indonesia (2015) and South Korea (2012 & 2016). Crossing Borders 2018 will take place in partnership with Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific Limited, Taiwan Branch and CB additionally plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Culture Taiwan. The Call for Project Submissions for the 2018 program will be launched mid February with application deadline on 16 April 2018.

Of the appointment the Crossing Borders Managers Cecilie Bolvinkel (EDN) and Dorothea Schiebel (DC), say, “After 7 wonderful years with Steven Seidenberg as Head of Studies we look forward to entering new territories especially in the digital field in our collaboration with Chris Humphrey. Furthermore, Chris brings extensive first-hand knowledge and a broadcaster perspective from his continued role as Director of Production, A+E NETWORKS ASIA. He is looking forward to lead the Crossing Borders talent to deliver factual programmes of the highest quality and to get Crossing Borders ready for the digital market and its new technologies”.

Chris Humphrey, who is looking forward to taking up his new role, says “I’m delighted to take the baton forward for Crossing Borders. To be immersed among talented film makers from Europe and Asia is a great honour.”

Chris who has overseen the docudrama, documentary, reality and digital genres for A+E Asia, knows the world of content creation is getting more and more complex and adds, “Stories are not going away, nor are the storytellers. But the way people consume stories these days is spectacularly different from even a decade ago. Finding a captive audience has become the number one challenge for independent producers and commercial broadcasters alike. I look forward to working with the CB team in equipping young filmmakers with the mindset and the tools to go out there and tackle this new world head on.”

Chris Humphrey will take over from Steven Seidenberg, who will step down as Head of Studies for Crossing Borders in February 2018 after his 7-year tenure.

Steven Seidenberg: “The seven years I’ve worked with Crossing Borders have been exciting and challenging in equal measure. I have been so lucky – and privileged – to work with so many talented people from Asia and Europe. It is a wrench to leave, but I leave Crossing Borders in good hands. I am delighted that Chris is taking up the reins. He’s an inspired choice as the new Head of Studies and I know that he will inspire a new generation of documentary film makers.”

Documentary Campus and EDN thank Steven Seidenberg for his enduring support and for his wholehearted dedication and untiring zeal in his contributions to both the filmmaker’s profession in Europe and Asia, and the Crossing Borders program. The whole Crossing Borders Team extends its best wishes for all his future commitments and plans.