DC meets CPH:DOX | The five Conference Themes: DAY 1

Each one of the five conference days is dedicated to a different theme and is carefully orchestrated by internationally renowned curators. We proudly present the first theme.

Day 1 | Monday, 20 March 2017: Technology & Change

Under the theme, Art, Technology & Change, we focus on the rising political awareness and activism at the intersection of art, technology and social change. Join artists and social influencers across a range of interactive sessions exploring how technology drives, shapes and warps the boundaries of society and changes the way we experience, receive and perceive information. The day is curated by Mark Atkin and Lars Højholt and pursues the two main topics of art’s potential as an activism tool and the future role of human - machine interfaces. Among many other things, find out how the participant’s mind can become part of a narrative experience with Karen Palmer, and discover the use of AR in Ram Devineni comic book inspired project against gender-based violence in India.

Stay tuned for more!