Crossing Borders' project "Ruch and Norie" Wins Latvian "Oscar" Lielais Kristaps

Documentary Campus' project Ruch and Norie, developed through its Crossing Borders programme in 2012, has won four domestic film awards and the title of the Best Latvian Documentary.

Since its national release in May, documentary "Ruch and Norie" has received four film awards at the Latvian National Film Festival Lielais Kristaps award ceremony on October 24. On Saturday night, cinema theatre "Kino Citadele" in Rīga turned into a venue where the annual achievements in Latvian filmmaking were celebrated. The heartwarming human interest story "Ruch and Norie" produced by Film Studio DEVIŅI was crowned as the Best Documentary, also receiving the Best Director and Best Screenplay (EFA member Ināra Kolmane) as well as the Best Photography (Andrejs Verhoustinskis) awards in feature­length documentary competition.

The film unfolds a touching story about a Japanese student Norie Tsuruta who finds her grandmother's reflection in the oldest member of the unique Suiti community in Latvia. The bond is so strong she soon wishes to have two bodies to be at her home in Japan and at the home of Ruch at the same time."Uniting two different worlds is a great skill but showing it to others in an effective and genuine way – even greater," said the Latvian Minister of Culture, Dace Melbārde presenting the Best Documentary Award to the team.

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