WATCH: Using the 360° Video – Possibilities and Pitfalls

Find out how to use editing in virtual reality to engage audiences and which kinds of stories work best in 360° as well as practical issues encountered and how best to create a sense of presence and space in virtual reality footage.

Zillah Watson and Peter Boyd Maclean discuss their recent adventures experimenting with new ways to tell stories using 360° video. They cover the big questions filmmakers are grappling with, from coming up with the right stories and locations to the challenges involved in filming and editing. Does old filmmaking know-how count or does it require a completely new way approach? Can you move the camera without making your viewers feel sick? How do you film an interview that makes the viewer feel part of the conversation? How do you create a shortlist for 360° footage? Can you cut it together without just fading to black between shots?

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