WATCH: Virtual Reality – A Tool To Create Stories

Immerse yourself in real-life journalism with pioneers in the field who are bringing a virtual reality experience to news stories. Embody real people in real situations and hear about the direction the field is developing in. Filling in for "the godmother of virtual reality" Nonny de la Peña, Jamie Pallot introduces us to virtual reality as a powerful tool to create news and non-fiction. By taking advantage of feelings of presence that comes with wearing virtual reality goggles, experiencing real-time graphics and hearing evocative audio, audiences can "enter" a fully immersive recreation of a news, documentary or non-fiction story. By putting participants on scene as the story unfolds, it allows unprecedented access to the sights and sounds, as well as the feelings and emotions, which accompany witnessing powerful events.

More videos on virtual reality are coming in the next days!