European Projects for Crossing Dreams 2015 Have Been Selected

Crossing//Dreams, a joint workshop programme between Crossing Borders and Dare to Dream, has announced 6 selected participants from Europe who will meet on 1-6 September, 2015 in Indonesia along with 20 selected participants from South-East Asia (to be announced) to network and develop their projects with the support of international industry professionals.

After the Crossing Dreams workshop, 6 European projects plus up to 4 SEA projects with the most international potential will go on to the Crossing Borders workshop and a pitching session in Leipzig, Germany in October 2015. Suitable projects from this workshop may also participate in Good Pitch2 South-East Asia in 2016-2017.

The Dare to Dream programme will support 10 projects financially for development, and a minimum of 6 projects for production. The filmmakers will receive professional support through mentoring and workshops, and the films will be released in 2017.


Dolphin Man Anemon Productions, Greece
Participants: Yuri Averof and Lefteris Charitos
In 1988, the film Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) propelled French deep-sea diver Jacques Mayol into world stardom. It had been inspired by Mayol’s daring feat of diving 100m in one breath and his profound affinity with the sea. ”Dolphin Man” takes us on a journey across Mayol’s life, from his early years as a diver who risked his life for fame, to his transformation into a messenger – pathfinder, aiming to redefine our relationship with the sea.

Miro Images, Italy
Participant: Miro Mastropasqua
Almost extinct by the Red Khmer genocide in the 1970s, one of the masters of Bokator is now trying to revive the oldest of all Martial Arts, despite the adversity of the Cambodian past and its actual government. This is his story and a historical mile of the country.

Mother Slave
Illume, Finland
Participants: Lou Strömberg and Marianne Mäkelä
Mother Slave is a story about the Filipino offshore mother Yolanda. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, to support her three sons financially and give them a better future. Unfortunately her sons and their families have become incapable of caring for themselves. Now, after 20 years in Sweden, Yolanda has come to the conclusion that it was a mistake to emigrate. Her motherly feelings and guilt have turned her into a slave who has give up on her own life.

With Hope and Perseverance
Sterntaucher Filmproduktion, Germany
Participant: Beatrice Madach
"With Hope and Perseverance" is a story about oppression, the struggle to break the silence, and finally the importance of having a voice and being heard. Nearodey (13), Chantha (16) and Sochin (21) are all young women from very poor families in the Battambang province in Cambodia. They have experienced severe neglect through their parents and especially the younger ones are still threatened by human trafficking. In order to find a way out of poverty, all three of them want to finish school and get a university degree.

Fight for Freedom
Alleycats, UK
Participants: Des Henderson and Ed Stobart
Muay Thai – kick boxing – is the national sport in Thailand. So much value is put on a Muay Thai prowess, that in Thai prisons, serving prisoners can literally fight their way to freedom. This documentary, filmed over the course of a year, will observationally follow four hopefuls as they compete in jail tournaments in the hope of walking out the gate a free man or woman.

Stories from the Field
Éclipse Film, Hungary
Participant: Dorottya Zurbó
Deep in the Himalayas a small group of enthusiastic thirteen-year-old girls are being trained for the first time to build the Bhutanese national football team of the future. How long will these girls pursue a special dream in a country where traditional values and gender roles are still rooted in the society and playing football is not a profession for women?

Filmmakers from South-East Asia can still apply until 30 June 2015. Submission of project ideas should be done on the websites of and All the costs of workshops will be covered by Dare to Dream.

For more information on the programme and list of confirmed tutors, please visit the EDN website.