"How to Change the World" Receives Environmental Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015

How to Change the World, directed by Jerry Rothwell and developed through the Masterschool in 2008 receives the Environmental Award at 2015's Sheffield Doc/Fest.

Speaking for the jury, Margret Jonasdottir, said, "The strength of mind and willpower of the filmmaker to recapture and recreate the archive was poetically echoed in the film itself. From powerful images of protagonists standing arm-in-arm in front of a moving ship, cracking through the ice, to a man prepared to handcuff himself to the fruits of the harvest at risk of his life, gave meaning to how hard it is to change the world. And yet the film dealt with both success – the mind bomb - and with ultimate failure. The complicated relationships were captivatingly Shakespearean, a powerful dramatic narrative of how individual passion is transformed into organisational activism."

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