DC Industry Sessions at Sheffield Doc/Fest: Bulletin for 9 June


9.45–11.15 ITV Town Hall Reception Rooms
- Seriously Funny - Factual with a Lighter Touch
They are dangerously irreverent. They go out of their way to cross the line. They make fun of everyone from politicians to pumpkin growers. And they do it because they have some deadly serious stories to tell. Meet four people from very different backgrounds who make it their job to use humour to go below the surface.

10.00–11.30 Crucible Studio
- Creating a Visual Journey
How can we transfer cinematic documentaries to our digital lifestyle? In this seminar we will learn from two award-winning projects how to reach wide and diversified audiences with innovative formats.

12.00–13.30 Crucible Studio
- How to Survive Your Own Film: Inside Tips on Shooting in Risky Situations
Shooting documentaries in hostile or unpredictable conditions is all about risk management; without it, there’s no film, or worse, no return flight. What to bring, how to react to danger and what to do when it all goes to shit? In this seminar filmmakers share their experiences of keeping themselves safe and sane while still coming home with a great film.

14.15–15:40 Crucible Studio
- The Future of Documentary Exhibition
Leading media outlets such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde and Die Bild are establishing VoD platforms which require content. In the near future partnering with such media outlets and VoD platforms will play an important part in featuring new formats and opening up new ways of storytelling, financing, development and distribution.

16.15–17.45 Crucible Studio
- Learning from Mistakes
The conventional wisdom is don't make the same mistake twice. We invite personalities from the industry to tell us about the biggest challenges they’ve encountered and overcome in their professional life. This fun and lively session offers a fantastic opportunity to hear advice from those who have a long time experience in documentaries and do know how to learn from their mistakes.

On 9 June from 10:00, Documentary Campus is also hosting a Round Table, featuring festivals and markets from around the world that act as the catalysts to get documentary projects off the ground as filmmakers seek financing and meet with new collaborators.

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