DC Industry Sessions at Sheffield Doc/Fest: Bulletin for 8 June


10.15–11.45 ITV Town Hall Council Chamber
- New Form Old Tricks? Digital Vs Traditional Storytelling
Andrew Buchanan and Katie Metcalfe talk about the points of difference and similarity between how stories are told on TV and how they are told online. Is it just a matter of semantics or are new ways of documentary making being forged in the digital world? Join us in the in-depth exploration of the the meaning of documentary and where it is heading.

12.15–13.45 ITV Town Hall Reception Rooms
- The Collapse of Development: Does the New Arab Documentary Wave Stand a Chance?
Unrest and war have seized the Middle East. Nation states are disintegrating. The cinematic hype generated by extensive Gulf States spending has come to an end, so has the funding system that has supported the development of new creative Arab documentaries. With funding sources coming to a standstill, we will look at new creative ways for the documentary scene in the MENA region.

14.15–15.45 Channing Hall
- New Angles for Old Stories
This session is exploring the prospects for historical shows on TV. We will hear about new angles for old stories and new stylistic techniques to freshen them up, and discuss the eternal appetite for anniversary shows and how international broadcasters choose programs that get greenlighted.

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