DC Industry Sessions at Sheffield Doc/Fest: Bulletin for 7 June

9.30–11.00 Crucible Studio
- How to Co-Produce with Brazil
Brazil is one of the most inspiring film markets in Latin America. Co-producing documentaries with Brazil is becoming more frequent and interesting for European producers. With producers, directors and commissioning editors from Brazil and Europe, we will study and discuss co-production possibilities between Brazil and Europe using examples from past experience and also review upcoming challenges.

10.00–11.30 Channing Hall
- The Making of "How To Change The World": A Film Archives Masterclass
How To Change The World has been wowing audiences at film festivals around the world. Join producer Al Morrow, director Jerry Rothwell, editor Jim Scott and archive producer Elizabeth Klinck for a film archive master class.

10.00–11.30 ITV Town Hall Council Chamber
- The Impact Producer–Live
Seize your chance with Sarah Mosses from the Impact Producers Group to have your project undergo the special impact producer treatment! Bring along the following one-pager: the concept of your film, your goals, and who your audience is.

12.00–13.30 Crucible Studio
- The Look: How to Get the Image Style You Want
Join master DOP Bernhard Popovic (Red Bull Media, Terra Mater) and eagle-eye Viennese colourist Lee Niederkofler, as they deconstruct cinematographic looks from some of their latest productions to explain how they did it.

12.15–13.45 ITV Town Hall Council Chamber
- Make Media, Make Change
Which strategies and platforms help to turn factual media into a powerful communication tool for social change? Angelo Loy (director of "African Spelling Book") speaks about his experiences in working with Amref on participative projects. Sarah Mosses from Together Film (UK PR for "Citizenfour") discusses "impact" and "outreach," the new magic words for production and distribution. Signe Byrge-Sørensen (Final Cut Productions) talks about how controversial docs as "The Act of Killing" can contribute to social change. Matteo Moretti, responsible for a new master "Ecosocial Design," will talk about design as a tool for change.

14.00–15.30 Crucible Studio
- Make it Short: The Rise of the Short Form Doc
Shorts are taking the world by storm. Find out how new funding and distribution opportunities are helping that success. We'll screen some of the best shorts from around the web, hear about Channel 4's latest "shorts" strategy and meet some pioneers who are using shorts to make the world a better place.

19:00–open end Millennium Gallery
- Interactive at Sheffield Drinks
An event hosted by Documentary Campus to celebrate the incredible programme of Interactive works at the festival this year with drinks and mingle with Documentary Campus colleagues and collaborators as well as the artists, creators and decisions makers who make it all happen.

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