1. OTS in Belfast - A Résumé

The Discovery Campus year started off very successfully with the 1st Open Training Session of the DCM 2005 "Tearing Down Walls" which took place from March 4 - 6, 2005 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The event was dedicated to European and North American commissioning editors pitching their documentary slots and programming needs to producers and filmmakers. The best presentation was awarded the Discovery Campus Pitch Award won by Outi Saarikoski from YLE Teema Ateljee, Tampere, Finland.

Furthermore, Discovery Campus had invited independent experts and commissioning executives from the BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery Networks Europe to lift the veil on what is going on in Britain, which broadcasters are open to proposals from independents, what is currently happening inside the BBC and in what way the British documentary market might change in due course. Besides broadcasters gave an insight into decision-making processes within their station.

The public symposium was attended by 222 participants from 27 different countries and we received a plethora of positive feedback from all sides.