Creative Europe MEDIA Development Single Projects + Slate Funding

Institution: Creative Europe MEDIA


Creative Europe MEDIA aims to increase the capacity of film producers who develop European Audiovisual works with a potential to circulate in the Union and beyond, and to facilitate European and international cooperation.

This scheme supports proposals to develop a single project or a slate of 3 to 5 projects (slate funding) intended primarily for cinema release, television broadcasting or commercial exploitation on digital platforms in the following categories:
- animation
- creative documentary
- fiction

European production companies with proven experience interested in developing a single project or a slate of 3 to 5 projects demonstrating:
- high creative/artistic value and cultural diversity
- wide cross-border potential to reach audiences at European and international levels
- greater cooperation between operators from different countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme
- enhanced audience reach based on marketing and distribution strategies envisaged from the development phase

In the case of slate funding, the proposal shall also:
- strengthen companies' positions in both the European and international markets as well as their financial capacity
- expand companies' activities and their innovation capacity to explore new fields and markets

Who can apply


  • feature films, animations and creative documentaries lasting a minimum of 60 minutes intended primarily for cinema release
  • drama films (one-off or series) of a minimum of 90 minutes, animation (one-off or series) of a minimum of 24 minutes
  • creative documentaries (one-off or series) of a minimum of 50 minutes (in case of series the minimum length per episode is 25 minutes) intended primarily for television or digital platform exploitation

Eligible candidates

Types of funding available

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