Funding Guide for Arab Producers

Institution: DOCmed


This guide contains information on international film funds and production (or post production) awards for documentaries. The national, regional and local funds in Europe or the USA which are not designed for co-productions with Arab countries are not listed. The same is true for Arab national funds that are not open for applications from non-nationals. In addition to the classical film-funds, there are more and more training projects that provide micro-budgets and plenty of other methods and ways to develop, defend and promote a project. Co-production markets, for example, that can help you expose the project, force you to clearly structure your pitch, defend the film and support you in networking and getting the feeling of the market. In few cases, the co-production markets give one or two awards. Even though it is unlikely to find co-production partners or win this one award, the effects mentioned above are of big value for the production. However, only funds are listed in this guide.

Please note that fund’s regulations can change at any time and double check all information given here with the funds’ websites. Before applying, it is helpful to contact the fund; you might get important additional information. Sometimes websites are not up-to-date. Maybe the fund recommends you to apply at a later stage to higher your chances to get awarded.

All regulations in this guide refer to feature length documentary film projects (not TV), unless stated differently.

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