Doha Film Institute: International Funding

Institution: Doha Film Institute


The Institute supports emerging voices from Qatar, the MENA region and around the world, and provides them with creative and financial assistance so they can translate their stories into viable film projects. It is the Institute's hope to discover quality film projects that have regional relevance, and that contribute to a diverse slate of engaging films.

The funding programme:
- seeks out original voices in film;
- develops a community of filmmakers among its alumni;
- encourages cross-pollination and creative interaction among artists;
- offers creative development support throughout the life cycle of films.

Who can apply

Development, production and post-production funding is available for first- and second-time directors from the MENA region for feature-length projects. Short films are eligible for production funding only. Established MENA directors may apply for post-production funding for feature-length projects.

Post-production funding is available for feature-length projects by first- and second-time non-MENA directors. Find an overview of eligible countries here.

Eligible candidates

Types of funding available

Applications accepted from