Finnish Film Foundation: Production Support

Institution: Finnish Film Foundation


The Finnish Film Foundation supports and promotes the Finnish film industry by providing production support that is given to an average of 75 films per year. Production support is available for documentaries.

Who can apply

Production support is available to a Finnish-based production company. A production company holding the rights to a film in Finland can be granted advance support for production for the completion of the film.

International co-productions are also eligible for production support from The Finnish Film Foundation when a Finnish co-producer is involved. The Foundation’s support can in most cases cover up to 50 percent of the production costs for the Finnish co-producing partner.

Support eligibility for co-productions is determined with the following criteria:
- Involvement of a Finnish co-producer with Finnish distribution rights;
- Artistic and/or technical input from Finland;
- Distribution of the project in Finland;
- Relevance of the project for Finnish audiences;
- Possibilities for an ongoing co-operation between the parties.

The support application is made by the Finnish co-producer. There are no fixed deadlines for applying but it is recommended that the Finnish co-production partner is brought in at as early a stage as possible. The amount of production support for minority co-productions has traditionally ranged from 25 000 to 500 000 euros, depending on the Finnish creative/technical input.

Funding available

Granted production support can cover a maximum of 50% of the film’s production costs, including any development support already granted for the project by the Foundation.

Advance support for production cannot be granted for a completed production. A film is considered completed when a finished release print or a TV master of it exists.

If the production costs of the film exceed EUR 500,000, advance support for production cannot be granted unless a production insurance covering the essential negative, person and equipment risks is taken out for the film project in question.

Contact details

Tel: +358 9 6220 300

Eligible candidates

  • "National" Production Companies
  • Company based in the region
  • Local Co-producer

Types of funding available

  • Production

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