Hot Docs Shaw Media Completion Fund

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The Shaw Media-Hot Docs Completion Fund is a grant program that provides financial support for production companies to complete specific projects. The funding is available to producers who have attracted demonstrated market interest in their documentaries. The Completion Fund is expected to support on average six to nine projects per year.

The fund aims to help Canadian documentaries reach wider audiences in Canada and in the international marketplace and assist Canadian production companies and/or producers at the completion stage where a promising documentary may require a boost in financing to complete and deliver the film to its best advantage.

Who can apply


  • must be a Canadian-controlled corporation based in Canada and unaffiliated with any licensed Canadian network or programming undertaking (broadcasters and broadcaster-affiliated production companies are ineligible)
  • must have previously produced one of the following: a documentary or fiction film commercially released in Canada; a documentary or fiction film and/or series broadcast on Canadian television

In case these requirements are not met, an applicant may be considered provided a senior producer is meaningfully attached to the project as confirmed in writing.


  • must be majority owned by the applicant
  • must have commitment from an eligible market partner
  • must be a one-off (series are not eligible)
  • must have a minimum length of one television hour
  • must be of high quality and suitable for theatrical release and/or broadcast to Canadian audiences

** Official treaty co-productions are eligible. Preliminary approval from Telefilm Canada’s Co-Production Office will be required at time of application. Co-ventures/Co-productions with a foreign country are eligible even though the Canadian production company may not own 100 per cent of the project as long as they are certifiable by the CRTC.

** Proof of commitment from an eligible, third-party, market partner must be included in the application. This can be in the form of a signed offer-sheet or, ideally, an executed long-form agreement with the market partner. Examples of market partners are: licensed broadcasters, theatrical distributors, and new media platforms.

** A producer can apply with one project, per fund, per deadline in which the company is majority producer.

Funding available

Funding reaches up to 20% of the total production costs to an exceptional maximum of $100,000. Eligible costs include those that are standard in the industry during post-production, including costs of enhancements and deliverables.

Funding is not granted for:
- Completed projects or projects that have been screened or broadcast publicly, including at festivals
- Enhancements such as language versioning or 35mm blow-ups

Contact details

Tel: +1 416 203 2155

Eligible candidates

  • "National" Production Companies

Types of funding available

Applications accepted from

  • Canada