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The Fond's primary purpose is to promote film and TV productions of high quality in the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), by providing support to creative documentaries.

The aim of the strategic digital distribution support is to improve the circulation of Nordic Films within the Nordic Region by reaching audiences through different platforms. The films supported should run on digital platforms (VoD, mobile phones etc) that serve either as an addition to, or as an alternative to the traditional cinema release and broadcast television in a Nordic country other than the films land of origin. Candidates must have rights to the Nordic films for which they are applying and a detailed release plan on digital platforms. The budget for the digital distribution support is NOK 2 million. The support is not subject to reimbursement.

Who can apply

Support is available to Nordic production companies. Support may be applied for by companies that have knowledge of the Nordic film market and the Nordic audiences.

Conditions for granting support:
- Funding may be provided to project proposals that use digital platforms of distribution (for example VoD, internet, mobile etc.) in circulating Nordic films;
- A film applying for support must have been well received by its respective national audience, and must have an audience potential in the Nordic territory where it is going to be distributed;
- The applicants must either have the rights to Nordic film(s) they are applying with or a realistic plan of accessing them to be able to circulate them on the said digital platform;
- Support may be granted independently of whether the films on the platform have previously been granted production support from the Fond;

Funding available

Support can be up to 50% of the digital distribution budget.

Support is normally paid in 2 instalments; the amount of each instalment will be determined individually for each project.

Support is provided as a cash contribution and is thus not subject to reimbursement.

Contact details

Tel: +47 64 00 60 80

Karolina Lidin
Documentary Consultant

Lise Løwholm
Project Manager - Documentary

Ann-Sophie W. Birkenes
Project Coordinator, Distribution, Dubbing, Technical Application Support

Eligible candidates

Types of funding available

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