Irish Film Board: Documentary Development Loans

Institution: Irish Film Board


The Irish Film Board offers development loans for producers to commission a treatment, produce footage/promos, bring together talent and undertake all of the practical work necessary to prepare a documentary feature film for production.

These loans enable the development of documentary films, with the emphasis on feature-length, creative documentaries capable of reaching an international audience through theatrical and festival exposure.

Development funding is provided by BSÉ/IFB for the making of films predominantly in English or Irish, or a combination of the two.

Note that preference will be given to "feature documentaries" from creative teams who are engaged with making films for this medium Films aimed at a one-hour TV slot or shorter, with little or no international appeal, are unlikely to be supported. Besides BSÉ/IFB's commitment to cinema, this approach is also designed to respond to the manifest increase in theatrical audiences desire to see documentaries.

Who can apply

Documentary development loans are available to producers with a documentary feature film they wish to develop, having gained clear access to the necessary rights in any material that is to be produced, and an agreement (at least in principle) with the director and any contributors.

Funding available

The maximum amount available for documentary development funding is €15,000. Applicants should note that in light of the pressure on BSÉ/IFB resources, awards considerably less than the maximum are likely to be offered.

Contact details

Sarah Dillon
Production and Development Coordinator

Eligible candidates

  • "National" Production Companies
  • Company based in the region
  • Local Co-producer

Types of funding available

  • Development and Production Support
  • Project Development

Applications accepted from