Sorfond: Norwegian South Film Fund

Institution: Norwegian Film Institute (NFI), Films from the South Foundation (FFS)


The Norwegian Film Institute and the Films from the South Foundation have recognized that it is difficult for filmmakers in developing countries to realize film projects that are locally based, despite the great demand for such productions. Filmmakers in developing countries have the need for both production capital and international professional networks. It is in that spirit that Sorfond was created.

The grant shall contribute to strengthen film as a cultural expression, to promote diversity and artistic integrity on the international film scene, and to strengthen freedom of expression. The grant shall also contribute to an increased cooperation between Norwegian and international film industries. The purpose of the grant is to stimulate the production of films in developing countries where such production is limited by political or economic causes.

The grant is given to fiction or documentaries with minimum running time of 50 minutes, produced for screening in cinemas, on television, or on other audiovisual media platforms.

Who can apply

Sorfond applies to grants for the production of films with a main producer based in a country on the OECD's current list of countries and territories eligible to receive assistance (DAC-list). In addition, the director must have citizenship from, or be resident in, a country on the DAC-list. The film must, for the most part, be shot in a country on the DAC-list. In exceptional cases, derogations may be made regarding the establishment of the main producer in a DAC-listed country, if, due to political reasons, the film cannot be produced in that particular country.

Norwegian co-producer is required.
The Norwegian co-producer must be a private and independent production company established in Norway that is not predominantly publicly owned, nor substantially related to a broadcasting organisation. The application for production support must be sent by the Norwegian co-producer. A list of Norwegian producers can be found here.

Funding available

At least 50% of the budget must already be confirmed at the time of submitting the application. The grant shall not exceed 130, 000 euros. Up to 10% of the grant amount may be retained by the minority production company in order to cover its administrative costs.

Contact details


Eligible candidates

  • Film Director(s) from a certain country/region
  • Local Co-producer

Types of funding available

  • Production

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