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The Alter-Cine Foundation assists filmmakers from Africa, Latin America and Asia by providing grants for production of their documentary projects.

The Foundation was created in the memory of Canadian filmmaker, Yvan Patry, who passed away on October 14, 1999. Patry was a co-founder of the production company Alter Cine and directed numerous documentaries and current affairs programs in Africa, Latin America and Asia: "… documentaries should go against the tide," he said, "they should bear witness and spur us to action."

Patry's documentaries have contributed to tearing down walls of silence, denouncing injustice and barbarism, and giving voice to victims of horror. The Alter-Cine Foundation is inspired by these ethics. The Foundation offers a yearly grant to young film and video makers from Africa, Asia and Latin America to direct a documentary film on the theme of rights and freedoms, including social and economic rights, women's rights, the right to culture and artistic creation.

The Foundation particularly supports documentary films that dare to go against the tide, that take the side of the defenceless and question common assumptions by giving a voice to the voiceless, enriching our understanding of the world and helping us reflect on the possibility of changing the world from a perspective of peace, justice, equality and respect for differences.

Who can apply

The grant is aimed at young filmmakers born and living in Africa, Asia or Latin America who want to direct a film in the language of their choice that respects the aims of the Foundation.

Funding available


  • the first payment of 6,000 Canadian dollars after the project is selected
  • the final payment of 4,000 Canadian dollars on reception of a Betacam and a DVD copy of the completed documentary

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