Hot Docs Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund: Development Grant

Institution: Hot Docs


The Hot Docs Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund is a grant program providing financial support to African documentary filmmakers for development, with the goal of helping to increase the quality and quantity of social, cultural and political documentaries produced in the region. Generously established by Toronto-based Blue Ice Film, the Fund is administered by Hot Docs.

Who can apply


  • be the primary rights holder of the project
  • be the director or producer attached with the film project
  • both the director and producer must hold citizenship, primary residence and work primarily in Africa


  • must be produced and shot in Africa
  • must be either a feature or broadcast length documentary (shorts, series and fiction pieces are not eligible)
  • must be of high quality and suitable for theatrical release and/or television broadcast to audiences both locally and internationally

Funding available

Development grant ranges between 3,000 and 10,000 Canadian dollars, which could reflect up to 100% of the development budget. Grant money must be spent in the region on development activities and pre-production. Eligible costs include research, development of a script and story proposal and production of a teaser or trailer. Other eligible costs may include production of pitch and marketing materials, community engagement strategy research as well as distribution strategy research.

Contact details

Tel: +1 416 203 2155

Eligible candidates

  • Film Director(s) from a certain country/region

Types of funding available

  • Development and Production Support

Applications accepted from