IDFA Bertha Fund Classic: Project Development

Institution: IDFA, Bertha Foundation


The IDFA Bertha Fund, formerly known as the Jan Vrijman Fund, supports documentary filmmakers and festivals in developing countries. Its goal is to stimulate local film cultures and to turn the creative documentary into a truly global film art.

The IDFA Bertha Fund is the only fund in the world dedicated solely to stimulating and empowering the creative documentary sector in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe.

The IDFA Bertha Fund supports documentaries that make a difference. Therefore, these documentaries should tackle controversial issues in developing countries covering such themes as social injustice, freedom of expression, human rights, poverty, economic justice and education.

Besides a financial contribution, the fund offers selected projects other means of support. Together with the project team, the fund will determine which form of assistance and coaching would be most suitable to their project. This support is intended to enhance the script, production, editing or the access to the international market of a project.

Who can apply

Filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe.

Funding available

The maximum contribution for project development is 5,000 euros. A contribution for project development can be spent on research and on the development of a script and/or on the production of a trailer. It must be spent in a developing country.

Contact details


Eligible candidates

  • Film Director(s) from a certain country/region

Types of funding available

  • Project Development

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